Video – audio – lights services for events and productions; videos realized with the same cinema and television qualities, focused on the customer needs.


McQueen was born from the desire to transmit to Italian companies the professional and technical heritage accumulated over 20 years of career at the biggest national television stations.

The growth of digital technology has now made communication through multimedia tools a strategic asset that no economic or institutional operator can renounce. On the other hand, the web can’t disregard the visual language of cinema and television.

From these considerations comes the idea of founding a production company that can carry the high quality standard of cinema and television productions in the network, creating engaging and cutting-edge products.


Like all professionals, we know that the real challenge comes at the execution of the idea, when the details become important and we need to know how to bring out not only creative resources, but also technical equipment, experience and knowledge.

The devil is in the details, says an old German proverb; obsessed with perfection, we have learned to drive it out, creating videos characterized by a constant search for the utmost care of both the image and the visual language.

We always keep in mind the real needs of the companies and offer quality and professionalism.


We work only with professionals of great and proven experience from television or gained in the planning and preparation of events.

Our team, coordinated by Antonio Gerbino, is able to manage every aspect of any type of video project or event with effectiveness and great expertise; including making videos for YouTube or other digital channels, commercials for the web, production and post-production, 2D-3D animations, video composing and digital editing.

In addition to multimedia production, we are also experts in the design and execution of technical installations for events and conferences (video – audio – lights), giving an extra touch and a better user involvement that only those who worked on television can give, through an accurate direction and a skilful use of lights to highlight atmospheres and an enveloping sound system to amplify emotions.